MACK Employment Services, Inc. is always looking to add to their team of professional employees.  Perhaps you know a co-worker, family member, friend, neighbor, student who is interested in future employment, why not inform them of the opportunity and receive a referral bonus.  If this person posses a positive attitude, goal oriented determination, practical experience, person-ability, and strong work ethics; these are virtues MACK would welcome from any person while trying to obtain employment.  There are always conditions for your referral to meet eligibility below, but two quick examples, someone can work a full time assignment for 2 weeks or part time throughout a month and become eligible.  This opportunity is more competitive than any other agency around, ask around, we know!

If you have someone interested, have them find a job today, we look forward to working with them through the hiring process.

  • Refer someone to MACK and if they work (60) sixty successful assignment hours, become eligible to receive a $50 CREDIT CARD upon notification and approval.
  • Employees may not have any policy violations for their assignments; otherwise the assignment hours will not count towards the eligibility hours.
  • If Employee was a paid referral within the past (2) two years, they are not eligible to be referred. There is no limit on the number of candidates a registered person can refer.
  • Payment authorized monthly for branch pick up and subject to manager's approval for payment.
  • Referred employee must provide referrals name on application upon hire and referral be currently employed with MACK.
  • It will be your responsibility to follow up with us to ensure that your referrals met the eligibility requirements.
  • The company has the right to suspend or change this program at anytime deemed necessary.