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Mack Hospitality

MACK Hospitality Staffing is a premier hospitality service division of MACK Employment Services, Inc.  We primarily service South-eastern Pennsylvania along with surrounding counties and states depending on customer requirements. We specialize in providing supplemental hospitality staff to meet our high customer demands in many aspects of the service industry.

Exceeding food service standards with necessary training and preparation is vital to us and to create a professional culture in the work place.  MACK Hospitality Staffing has coordinated and consulted customers from private home parties to working along side food service management companies in anyway necessary.  We know every event is special, from the coordination to the timing, let us be a part of your success.

Our Hospitality associates service just about any venue or facility, here are a few:

  • Amusement Parks

  • Arenas

  • Golf Clubs

  • Hotels/ Motels

  • Education Institutions

  • Casinos

  • Caterers

  • Hospitals

  • Inns

  • Private Parties

  • Convention Centers

  • Corporate Dining

  • Country Club

  • Food Service

  • Resorts

  • Retail Stores

  • Sports/ Entertainment

  • Taverns/ Bars


We offer a variety of services to fit your needs


On Call: We can provide last minute call offs you might have based on availability.

Part-Time: Use our staff for a few hours a day to help prep, serve food, or clean-up. (4 - hour minimum)

Full-Time: Use our staff for your everyday needs as one of your own employees.

Short/Long Term: Use our staff to fill in for one of your own for an extended period of time.

We validate and confirm industry employment screening standards

  • Compliant Clearances for specific sector of industry facilities (As Applicable By Law)
  • Drug Screen Policy Requirements
  • Food Service Safety Training
  • National Criminal Background Check (Criminal Conviction Guidelines)
  • Past Job Reference Verification
  • Responsible Alcohol Management Certification (RAMP)

Standard Terms and Commitments:

Use temporary staff to compliment your staff or reduce overtime: for private parties, special events, or to fill in for employees who are on vacation, maternity leave, medical leave, and peaks in business.

Evaluate the temporary employee through a probationary period, while the employee is on our payroll. We are responsible for the workers' compensation, unemployment and liability insurance, plus all taxes and administrative costs.

If the candidate joins your company, you will be charged a reasonable finder's fee, otherwise work negotiated hours on our payroll before they are eligible to be hired.

You can buy out a temp-to-perm employee, prior to their completing the negotiated hours requirement, with a reasonable buyout fee.

Place an employee on our payroll, perhaps through your own recruiting efforts, you found a candidate that you are interested in employing without putting him/her on your permanent payroll.


Our staff is personable, professional, screened appropriately,  and meets our hospitality standards for food safety service. Uniform request may be accommodated, with appropriate and reasonable coordination, though our standard uniforms worn by our associates are listed below.

New York City - Black Tux Pants, Black Button Down Shirt, Black Vest, Black Neck Tie, Silver Name Tag, Black Non Slip Shoes
Tuxedo -
Black Tux Pants, White Tux Shirt, Black Bow-tie, Black vest, Silver Name Tag, Black Non Slip Shoes
Back Of The House - Black Pants or Brown Khaki Pants, Black Polo Shirt, Silver Name Tag, Black Non Slip Shoes
Bistro - Black Tux Pants, White Button Down Shirt, Black Neck Tie, Silver Name Tag, Black Non Slip Shoes
Chef/ Cook - Black Pants or Brown Khaki Pants or Chef Pants, Black Polo Shirt, Silver Name Tag, Black Non Slip Shoes

Our Hospitality Positions Hired and Staffed:

  • Ala Carte Servers

  • Banquet Servers

  • Bartenders (RAMP Certification)

  • Bar Backs/ Bussers

  • Cafeteria Staff

  • Carvers

  • Coat Check

  • Concession Staff

  • Cooks (Grill/ Line/ Prep/ Production)

  • Dishwashers/ Utility

  • Dietary Aides

  • Greeters (Trade Shows/ Promotions)

  • Host/ Hostess

  • Houseman

  • Private Party Catering Staff

  • Valet Attendants


We would love all (Front of The House) candidates to have experiences in hotel banquets, catering, food service, or restaurants, though it is not required to be considered for employment. We hire many candidates with customer relations, customer service, retail, and even entry level experience to nurture and mold to our standards. There is a right fit for everyone, but we are the professionals and will counsel anyone based on your positive attitude, goal oriented determination, practical experience, person-ability, and strong work ethics; all virtues we expect to see in any person while trying to obtain employment.

Culinary candidates (Back of The House) are required to have graduated from a culinary arts program, or have the equivalent of a minimum of 6-months of consistent restaurant and/or catering experience to be considered for employment.  When applying please provide any certifications or direct accomplishments in your culinary experience and/or profession.  We utilize your validated success to market to our client companies when building your candidate profile.  It is imperative you keep current certifications to submit to an employer upon consideration for employment.

MACK Hospitality Staffing provides flexible work schedules, perhaps you only want to work weekdays or available during the weekend, we will verify upon hire your availability and find the hours that meet your schedule.  Our pay rates are industry competitive, though may vary depending on the assignment location.  Anticipate working every Saturday in May, June, September, and October, as these are the seasonal high volume hours of your employment.  We will do our best with accommodating any special requests off during event season; though these months are important all associates schedule appropriately to service the client demands. If you require a part-time schedule, place to earn extra income, and like to stay busy on your feet; come join MACK Hospitality Staffing, we look forward to you being a part of a team of professionals.