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Have You Considered A New Approach To Hiring? Would you be open to analyzing your cost of hiring an employee; including Advertising, Recruitment, Insurances, Interviewing , Payroll, Taxes, Unemployment, and Workers Compensation? Have you considered the amount of lost time while trying to control these vital business operations? MACK continues to partner with companies wiling to take control of these Business Necessities and save. You never realize how much of a challenge it can be to manage a workforce. The workforce demand changes everyday, MACK coordinates these business needs to benefit your precious time and cost.


MACK Employment's hiring practices are structured to effectively pre-screen eligible candidates, allowing for the best fit possible. We know it is a waste of your time as a prospective employer to spend time and money to train a new hire, only to find out that the candidate wasn't the best choice for the job or assignment.

Our hiring process, in coordination with your company, will streamline your overall recruitment and hiring process and allow for less turnover. Some of our common hiring practice steps include:

  • Helping you to determine the need for a new or replacement position.

  • How to approach the need creatively with an addition of minimal staff

  • Active coordination with your HR representative, every step of the way

  • Developing and prioritizing key requirements needed from the employer

  • Realistic assessment and determination of salary range for successful recruitment

  • Determining the best fit candidate who have met your hiring requirements and availability to start work.


With the ability to tailor our personnel hiring services to each of our clients’ specific staffing needs and with a broad range of employment screening procedures and training services, we strive to offer the best associates for your needs. We will get to know your company, your culture, and your hiring criteria, making your job faster and easier.

We will provide you with qualified, motivated associates when and where you need them with both the professional look and attitude needed to get the job done.

We strive to measure and continuously improve our performance through our commitment to partnering, respect, customer focus and results by mentoring service excellence leadership as the responsibility of each associate.

We are not a National Company; we are locally owned and operated. The money you spend stays in the community which means you are helping to replenish our local economy.


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