Current Associates


MACK will provide the following temporary employee benefits when eligible:

Vacation Pay

Temporary employees have the opportunity to receive vacation pay for their consistent work history.  Employee eligibility will be considered once an employee works 1,700 regular hours. (Overtime hours do not apply toward the 1700 hours)  The hours begin with the first day of an assignment scheduled and retroactively start over each calendar year. In order to become eligible for vacation pay in any given calendar year an employee must not have any employment interruptions. Eligibility expires fourteen (14) business days from the employee's eligibility date and will forfeit without prior managements approval.

Holiday Pay

Temporary employees have the opportunity to receive vacation pay for their consistent work history.  Employee eligibility will be considered once an employee works 1,280 regular hours and work the day before and the day after the holiday in order to become eligible for holiday pay. The following holidays are included: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. MACK Employment Services, Inc. will pay for other holidays if the respective temporary employee's client company accepts billing for the holiday pay.

Referral Program

Temporary employees have the opportunity to receive a referral bonus for any eligible refereed employee. Perhaps you know a co-worker, family member, friend, neighbor, student who is interested in future employment, why not inform them of the opportunity and receive referral money.  If this person posses a positive attitude, goal oriented determination, practical experience, person-ability, and strong work ethics; these are virtues MACK would welcome from any person while trying to obtain employment.


Associates are "on call" with Mack Employment for assignments requiring services on an "as needed" basis. This type of working arrangement is ideal for those individuals who prefer to enter working status with a time limit per assignment. Assignments can range from ongoing (regular), temporary, "temp to perm" and transition to permanent placement. Generally, our associates who enter assignments also want the freedom and independence away from a more traditional working arrangement.

Mack Employment has strong relationships with clients in nearly every industry, ensuring that candidates and associates have the best opportunity to secure work.

Short term assignments are acquired by Mack Employment with the understanding that the work assignment is not for a specified period of time nor is it designated based on a time interval.

Diverse industries representing a wide variety of employers depend on us for quality work, regardless of the length of time of the assignment. We ask candidates to not accept an assignment if they feel it is either not a good fit, or if the end date of the assignment is not practical for their situation.

The need for "on call" skilled and service industry personnel continues with high demand. Mack Employment has the network and contacts that can offer just the right assignment match for the candidate.


"We have been to many of the agencies in the area, though you guys 'MACK 'really took time and was honest with what they may be able to help us with.   I respect that and appreciate any company who gives it to us straight, thank you"

"Thank you for the opportunity you have given my daughter and I, we keep busy schedules, but always enjoy finding time to work weekends with MACK Hospitality"

“I was a little unsure at first about going to random places, but once we got on location, the love is felt and I am comfortable working with a team of friendly positive people, keep up the good work 'MACK' and keep sending me the update"

"Thank you 'MACK' for always keeping me smiling and working to earn that extra money each and every week; I don't care if its one assignment on the weekends, its good to know I always have a second job and good people around me to work with"

"MACK has always been fair with me from the start of pulling my record, no one is an angel in this world, but when you are honest, all you can do is hope and pray for someone as helpful as this company, Thanks"

"Looking for a new job is dreadful and annoying, but thank you 'MACK' for explaining the hiring process and basically walking me through, from helping build a good resume to showing me potential new jobs"

"Just email me the info, I trust you know what you are doing and I have faith the new client will love 'MACK' peeps; we get the job done every time"