Serving Our Community


MACK is involved in community outreach efforts that are intended to benefit our community in very positive ways.

MACK is committed to supporting programs and organizations that really do make a meaningful difference in the lives of our neighbors. Through various channels of community outreach, including corporate and foundation contributions, contributions to local programs and individual employee involvement, we are motivated and committed to helping our communities grow and prosper.


Diversity hiring in our workforce continues as we look not at his or her race, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability, marital status, and/ or other category protected by law, but at the qualifications, skills, achievements in society, yet personal or professional, to provide our hiring practices a true fairness in equality. The unique opportunity of our business gives us a position to promote diversity and fairness for all who seek employment today. MACK continues to make every effort to provide the opportunities for those qualified individuals seeking work today.


Our commitment to charitable organizations has a wide focus, but some of our most recent activities and contributions are focused on these wonderful organizations:

  • American Red Cross

  • Armed Forces Committee

  • Boys Scouts of America

  • Girl Scouts of America

  • Miller-Keystone Blood Center

  • Toys for Tots

  • United Way Berks County

  • Veteran Affairs

  • Wounded Warrior Project

  • YMCA

MACK appreciates the proactive efforts in salesmanship and trying to educate our company about services and organizations throughout this amazing country. We take it upon ourselves yearly to see what charitable organizations MACK may become involved with. Please respect MACK's ownership decisions in what organizations we feel meet the beliefs and purpose to benefit MACK Employment Services, Inc.